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Your Participation Helps Others!

Bacon And Brews is produced by Run Strong Madison, Inc, a 501(c)3 charity based in Madison, WI. When you participate, you help draw more people to the festival and a large portion of ticket sales will go to Run Strong Madison, Inc. Run Strong takes funds collected and distributes the money to local children’s charities. Thank you for being a part of Bacon And Brews. You can defer your stipend and donate it to Run Strong Madison, Inc if you prefer.




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On Saturday, June 29th, we will be ready to start load-in at 8 am but if anyone arrives between 7:00 and 8:00, we can get you moved in early. All vendors who are self-distributed will move in at 8 am. All of the vendors from Badger State Wine Coop, Beechwood, Breakthru Bev, Frank Beer, Gen Bev, Lee Bev and WDI will move in at 9 am. We will have 5 utility carts that will pick up your product, tents, etc. from the middle lane of E. Mifflin Street and will move it to your location, you will then park and come into the stadium and setup. Because the stadium is artificial turf, no vehicles are allowed inside the stadium except for the food vendors, sponsors, exhibitors, Next Door Brewing and Trixie’s Liquor, which will all setup on the paved path along E. Washington Ave. We will supply one 8’ table per booth and six 20# bags of ice. You must bring your own tent for shade because there is a large concert on Friday evening and we will not be able to have our tent company put up tents. Our volunteers will let you know where to park but we will have the school parking lot 1 block away and all of the street around the stadium as No Parking so you can park there.Once you are parked, grab one 8′ table and take it to your booth, the tables will be near the vendor entrance. Set your booth up and then grab your ice. The ice truck will also be at the vendor entrance. Only enter Mifflin St. from Patterson St. since it is a one-way street on Saturday. Once you are setup, we will drop off 4 sample glasses for your staff, do not grab glasses from the entry tables. You are allowed up to 4 staff members who will receive a wristband when they are checked-in. All vendor gates will be closed at 10 am and you will need to unload and carry-in without assistance so please be on time. You are not allowed to stake your tents because of the turf, please bring something to weight it down if wind is in the forecast.

Turf rules and guidelines:

  • No gum
  • No nuts
  • No sunflower seeds
  • No tobacco products (including cigarettes)
  • There cannot be any set up that involves staking into the ground
  • No glass bottles/containers
  • Absolutely no driving on the turf
  • No cooking equipment directly on the turf
  • No dumping large amounts of beer on the turf – there are drains lining the walls of the facility, please dispose of large amounts of beer in those drains
  • Please clean your area before leaving – including trash, food scraps, and all equipment