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On Saturday, June 23rd, we will be ready to start load-in from 8-10 am but if anyone arrives between 7:00 and 8:00, we can get you moved in early. Exhibitors located on the E. Washington side will pull in thru the main gate on the corner of E. Wash and Patterson St. There are going to be a few beer trailers from the night before that we will have to work around. You are allowed up to 4 staff members who will receive a wristband when they are checked-in. All vendor gates will be closed at 10 am and you will need to unload and carry-in without assistance so please be on time. You are not allowed to stake your tents because of the turf, please bring something to weight it down if wind is in the forecast. DO NOT DRIVE ON THE TURF, PLEASE.

Turf rules and guidelines:

  • No gum
  • No nuts
  • No sunflower seeds
  • No tobacco products (including cigarettes)
  • There cannot be any set up that involves staking into the ground
  • No glass bottles/containers
  • Absolutely no driving on the turf
  • No cooking equipment directly on the turf
  • No dumping large amounts of beer on the turf – there are drains lining the walls of the facility, please dispose of large amounts of beer in those drains
  • Please clean your area before leaving – including trash, food scraps, and all equipment


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Not all exhibitors will be accepted. If your product does not fit the theme of the festival, we will refund and cancel your registration.