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Bacon And Brews Named Automatic Qualifier for World Food Championships

Bacon And Brews will have a featured representative at the 2018 World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama, according to Mike McCloud, CEO of the World Food Championships.

“More than 450 pre-qualified competitors will enter one of ten competition categories beginning Nov. 7, and the champion of Bacon And Brews will be among them,” McCloud said.

Bacon And Brews is sending a winner from its 2018 event to compete against the World Food Championships
roster of Golden Ticket contestants.

“Stakes are high and the competition is intense with a total purse of $350,000 in cash and additional prizes, while the ultimate World Food Champion takes home a grand prize purse valued at $100,000,” McCloud said.

Competitors will prepare food on site in timed events that include preparation speed, specialty recipes, presentation and the ultimate test of taste. The categories this year include BBQ, Chili, Chef, Sandwich, Seafood, Bacon,
Burger, Dessert, Steak and Chicken.

“Tournament judges will select the top 10 finalists in each category to compete for the chance to go to the Final Table in April,” explained McCloud. “It is there that one culinary genius will rise up from ten category champions to become the 2018 World Food Champion.”

McCloud said that cooking is not the only opportunity for participation in the World Food Championships. Those interested in volunteering or in learning to become a certified WFC judge may sign up on the World Food
Championships website.

“The World Food Championships offers opportunities for people to watch celebrity chef competitions, attend demonstrations, review at the latest cooking appliances and become part of a fun, family-friendly experience,” he observed, adding that there will be thousands of spectators, colorful teams, special judges and foodie volunteers in Orange Beach for the Nov. 7-11 event.

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